Any organization that provides free services to the community is always looking for financial support. If you  are able to find a convenient way to help us, please let us know. Here are some examples of how you can be useful for Hospice Angelus.


  • You can volunteer in HOSPICE Angelus
  • You can make donations – for example online or in our donation boxes.
  • You can donate goods you no longer need (clothes, toys, books, equipment, office supplies, materials for workshops, etc.)
  • You can donate a monthly symbolic amount from your salary
  • You can make a will in favor of HOSPICE Angelus
  • You can negotiate with companies to actively sponsor us or make a social partnership
  • You can convince your colleagues to make donations from their salary
  • You can help to organize some fundraising events
  • You can place a donation box in a public place or at your workplace
  • You can host a supporter’s club evening
  • You can help us to create a positive image in mass media
  • You can simply be with us