HOSPICE Angelus is part of Erasmus+ programme








If you are young

Volunteer to help build an attractive resume, so you can respond to ads looking for applicants “hiring people under 25 years with 7 years of experience …”. Test a possible career and make meaningful contacts that will be useful in the future.

If you are elderly

Volunteer to gain an amazing life experience upon entering into retirement. You can prove that being elder is not to be a burden, but an irreplaceable resource for our society.

If you are unemployed

Sitting home for sure you will not find the ideal job. Get involved in volunteering to have the chance to gain work experiences and develop new skills over time. Volunteering will provide you with the opportunity to create contacts that will help you in finding a new job.

If you are employed  

Involving yourself in volunteer activity can break the monotony and the daily routine  home – work – home. You can try a new career or add depth to your current one. You can revive old hobbies and pursuit long forgotten ones. You can show to the community that the institution/organization you work for is interested in the fate of the community.

For anyone

“Because we expect to live in a better world, we must contribute to its creation. To be the change we want in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Why to be a volunteer?

  • In order to gain experience;
  • In order not to waste time at home;
  • To make new friends, gain new knowledge, and build new contacts;
  • To develop useful skills;
  • To just feel useful;
  • To try a new career;
  • To help those less fortunate;
  • To realize something;
  • To understand the problems of the community in which you live;
  • To work with a particular group of people;
  • In order to assume responsibilities;
  • To be a part of a team;
  • To make a change.

Find the activity that fits you!

  • Company and conversation with patients;
  • Games (chess, domino, etc..);
  • Reading various newspapers, books, etc.;
  • Help to feed people who are immobile, blind;
  • Assisting disabled adults patients and children to the bathroom, the park, walk;
  • Partake in musical, creative, educational activities with kids, games and improvisation;
  • Administrative assistance (computer literacy, typing, photocopying, etc..);
  • Creative activities and making handmade objects that will be displayed for sale in the fundraising events;
  • Distribution of information;
  • Help in organizing events (Quizzes, parties, support groups, recreational activities, etc.);
  • Translations.

We, those from HOSPICE “Angelus”, will be extremely glad to receive volunteers assistance from the community which we serve, and we offer our full support in developing new skills, necessary  guidance, and support to all of our volunteers. Additionally, we have each volunteer sign a contract with HOSPICE Angelus and a personal file, which will track volunteer hours and upon to the volunteer request, will be issued a letter of recommendation and/or certificate of participation.

What can you do?

HOSPICE “Angelus” has the mission to better people’s lives, and you, as an individual or representative of an organization, can find a convenient and enjoyable way to get involved and support the  HOSPICE’s work as well. Explore this section and learn how to make a donation, participate in fundraising events, or do volunteer work.

Some of us can contribute with experience and understanding,

others with soul and heart,

and others with money or time,

But we all can make a change for the better.